Site Management

Innovate Research’s SMO team helps to cease the gap between sites and sponsor and/or CRO in accelerating patient enrollment and effectively managing the trial from start to finish; thus ensuring smooth transit of the trials to the next phase.

Our dynamic network of medical specialists and hospitals, a large database of patients, as well as systematic advertising, guarantee an efficient patient recruitment. As our staff is highly experienced and regularly trained in ICH-GCP guidelines, study conduction and documentation quality are on the highest level

Innovate Research provides services in all related spheres to support our clients’ Clinical trial processes. The services are customized to our clients’ requirements. We look to enable our clients to perform to their best potential. We help them to streamline their activities and extend their geographic coverage in order to capitalize on their products as swiftly and effectively as possible in the marketplace. We achieve this through our:

  • Network of experienced physicians and coordinators across India, which is continuously expanding.
  • Excellence in Onsite Coordination and Monitoring of Phase I, II, III, and IV clinical trials.
  • Leadership and management expertise necessary to produce consistent and statistically sound data for every study conducted.
  • Multiple Therapeutic Segments.
  • Streamlined and expeditious start-up and completion of studies on schedule.
  • Large and diverse patient population with a positive attitude towards clinical research.
  • Dedicated full time certified Clinical Research Coordinators experienced in working with Pharmaceutical companies and Contract Research Organizations.
  • Quality source documentation, case report forms and other paperwork.
  • Sites that are top enrollers nationwide on multiple studies by virtue of their inherent merits.
  • Centralized organizational Structure" offers Sponsor and CRO clients immediate access to several pre-qualified investigators in all therapeutic segments



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